We are committed to the principles of sustainability – for our employees; our community; our customers; our suppliers and contractors; and the many others with whom we connect and who depend upon us.

Welcome to Hillsborough Resources

Coal has long been a part of British Columbia’s growth and history. It has contributed significantly to the growth of the Province – in terms of jobs, tax revenues, the production of other products essential for growth, and the generation of foreign exchange. Coal is a key ingredient in the production of the cement and steel that have made possible the stunning development of our unparalleled infrastructure and skyline.  Hillsborough’s Quinsam Mine has long been a key supplier to the British Columbia cement industry.

Coal continues to bring prosperity to British Columbia. Mining standards have improved over the last few decades, and so have our environmental stewardship initiatives. Quinsam, for example, ensures the use of industry leading practices in every part of its operations.

Quinsam is an innovator within the industry in British Columbia –

  • the first mine to be permitted to dispose of coarse rock refuse underground in old mine workings
  • the first coal mine to be granted the right to test the disposal of tailings underground in old mine workings
  • focused on minimizing its aesthetic footprint, and
  • dedicated to developing and implementing techniques to recycle old waste materials and convert them to usable products.


Hillsborough is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and environmental compliance.  Our product is of strategic importance to many BC-based businesses, and to customers overseas who appreciate the stability of the supply chain and who provide significant inflows of foreign exchange to help the country’s balance of trade.

We hope this website is helpful in communicating our many commitments as we strive to become the most innovative coal producer in British Columbia. If you do have further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask.

David Turnbull

Hillsborough Resources Limited